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REVIEW – Munch Reuseable Produce Bags

Now team you all know we  have been making small changes as a family in our plastic bag use.

It’s not been hard but it definitely makes you reassess your plastic.

For us by getting our online groceries packed in boxes our plastic bag use has decreased to almost zero!

BUT we were still getting some of our fruit and veges packed in plastic fruit and vege bags.

So it got me thinking …. What can we do to stop this?

Here is where Munch Reusable Produce Bags come in.

pic –

Munch have packs of produce bags which firstly are very deceptive.  These stretchy, colourful and New Zealand made bags can hold up to 2kg of produce (perfect for the potatoes).  The airflow can circulate around your fruit and veges because of the perforated fabric. Perfect for stopping the potatoes and onions sweating and getting stinky!!

Each bag comes with a bungee like drawstring which once pulled keeps your bits in and not rolling around the bottom of your trolley or fridge.


In the Munch pack you get a set of 3 bags (2 small and 1 large).

The large is perfect for the large veges like potatoes, kumara or onions.

The smaller bags were perfect for literally EVERYTHING else!!

This set retails for $19.99.

They are easy to use at the self service checkouts too and don’t cause the virtual shop assistant to have a moment with your oranges!!

Munch Reusable Produce Bags will be well used in this whare and I am so happy that I can keep reducing our plastic use as a whanau.

By having 2 sets of these we can drop our produce bags and shopping bags off at our local supermarket and when the online shopping is done we can have our shopping packed almost plastic free!!

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