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Ferrero Rocher Brioche Rolls

I’ve been tutu-ing with my cinnamon rolls AGAIN.

Who doesn’t like Ferrero Rocher?

Well actually my mum doesn’t. She digs chocolate and she loves nuts but it is a cardinal sin to combine the two.

If your like me and love them take the original brioche dough and change up the the filling.

Gooey and rich but not too sweet you will be in heaven.

Ferrero Rocher Filling

150gm Whittakers 65% cocoa chocolate (chopped)

70gm hazelnuts

3/4 cup hazelnut spread (any kind) – I’ve used Nutino. Made in Italy and nowhere near as sweet as Nutella.

In a dry pan toast your hazelnuts until brown and toasty smelling. Eyeball them the entire time they burn QUICKLY! Take the hot nuts and place in a tea towel. Rub to remove the bitter skins and roughly chop the nuts.

Roll out the brioche dough and spread out the hazelnut spread. Sprinkle over the nuts and chocolate.

Roll and follow the original recipe.

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