New Kid on the Block 

In our busy world of family, work and just being a human in general if something can make our lives a little bit easier we all say “heck yes!” correct?

How2Food have done just that. How2Food is a online platform where you select your dietary requirements, the number of people you are cooking for and how many meals you need for that week. It then magically gives you recipe ideas and shopping lists for the week.

I’m really into meal planning our dinners for the week and you have probably heard me prattle on numerous times about it.

But it can get boring. We tend to recycle the same meals every 2 weeks. 

I’m all about variety. How2Food is my variety and it allows me to be a bit creative.

How2Food is easy to navigate and if you don’t like a recipe you can change it. If you don’t like a food (in our house it’s mushrooms or fungus as my husband calls it!) it will not give you recipes with it in. 


I’m all for making my life easier but I’m more about feeding my family good food and using that time at the end of the day to connect.  That’s why to me sitting down as a family for a meal is so important.

Check out How2Food and make your life a little bit  easier!! 

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