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    Winter warmers are a comin’

    Heading into winter we all head to the comfort food.

    The food that our mum’s and grandma’s made us as kids, food that holds a special place in our hearts.

    I remember being about 7 and the first “proper” meal I ever made made was Wattie’s Pumpkin Soup and toast. I thought I was the bees knees!!

    Wattie’s Soup for me relives those memories and I hope it does for my kids when they are old and wrinkly.

    We are a house divided though. I am team pumpkin while my husband is team tomato ALL the way. The kids get what they are given depending who is cooking.

    Soup HAS to have toast but of late we have been bucking the toast trend and dabbling with the humble cheese toastie.

    The current consensus is ……. cheese and onion toastie EVERY time.

    I am not alone Wattie’s soup is a Kiwi classic and Countdown has it on Price Lockdown for these chilly days ahead.

    Get creative mushroom soup with a blue cheese toastie?

    Beef soup with a welsh rarebit (google it – amazing!).

    The options are endless.

    This post was sponsored by Countdown Supermarkets. 

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    SEX & THE CITY – with NEON

    Sex and the City was a movement.

    4 women living in Manhattan navigating life, sex, relationships and fashion.

    We all knew who we wanted to be.

    Fashion forward Carrie.

    Work obsessed Miranda.

    Stepford wife wannabe Charlotte.

    Samantha ……. we all secretly wanted to be Samantha.

    Being able to watch series like this again as an adult is eye opening. You see things in a completely different light. You can even change from Team Aiden to Team Big.

    NEON gives New Zealander’s the chance to reawaken these viewing opportunities and takes us back to a time when we had to wait for weekly late night TV.

    NEON is now able to be streamed straight from your PlayStation 4, so you know what this means?

    While the kids are sleeping, I can be watching TV in the lounge with my chips getting my Sex and the City fix. Heaven!   

    This blog was sponsored by NEON NZ.