In a perfect world we as mothers would wake up as the sun rises, have breakfast waiting on the table when the family wakes. 

Then we pack the children off to to school and kindergarten with their lovingly and consciously made lunches. We would then head to work. Greatness would be achieved at work, then it would be the school pick up. 

Homework time would commence in a fashion, that would rival a well run boarding school.  A thoughtful meal would be on the table when the other half came home. Shower and a story would follow. Bed for the kids would be next. Once your darlings were asleep, the house would be cleaned till it was gleaming and the 6 loads of washing done and pressed. 

Then lunches would be made for tomorrow and each of the little cherubs clothes would be laid out in alphabetical order.

You would then kiss your other half good night and start it all again tomorrow. 

Well I don’t know about you but I’m just bloody exhausted reading that.

We all want to be the best mothers we can be but we can’t do it all. It would be physically and mentally impossible to achieve all that and still maintain an ounce of calm.

I am a mother of 3 (12,4 and 2). I also work 4 days a week in a job that at times can be physically and emotionally exhausting. I ain’t got time to take a pee  let alone channel my inner Danny Tanner  (80s kids will get this!) in cleanliness. So 80% of the time my house does not look like a show home. 

But do you know what?

 I’m OK with that.  

The only thing I am regimented about is our weekly meal plans they have SAVED my life and probably my waistline. I know what is for dinner 5 days a week and a I am able to put easy family friendly meals (that generally provide leftovers) on the the table the days I’m working. The other days are all about trying new food and new cuisines. I love to cook and this is my creative outlet.

I think women need to realise that yes we are bloody amazing creatures and we can do a buttload of things but we can’t do everything. We will burn out and not be at our  full mother hustling ability. 

We need to acknowledge that while we are the best at multitasking, it’s also OK for us to pass the buck. To put our hands up and say “actually I can’t do that at the moment” or “by any chance can you pull your finger out your ass and give me a hand?” – this last statement is fired in the general direction of our others half. I know you ALL feel me on this.

So let us unite is the fact being a mother is wonderful but also frigging hard at times. Being a mother is constant. You can’t take a day off or call in sick. But you can protect yourself from complete burn out by not beating yourself up about the little things. If Johnny doesn’t get to go to the park because you just want to sit down  and have a coffee in (relative!) peace and quiet that’s OK!

 If your other half complains about dinner – tell him it’s his turn to cook tomorrow. 

Look after yourself mama because you are the most important. You are the person that holds everything together and you are vital. 

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